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Introduction of Democratic party of China
We are a group of young generation of democrats from China, who are seeking democracy, liberty and also struggling for the democracy in China, ending the dominance of Communist Party in China as well.   
All the efforts to promote the democratic movements in China, which is made by Chinese democratic party, is dedicated to an objective, that is to establish a system in which people can implement the political option freely in China, without any fears.     
What are the differences between “Dictatorial system” and “Democratic system”?
Dictatorial system’s characteristic is that “governmental power is overwhelming and people’s rights are not ensured”.
Democratic system’s characteristic is that “people’s rights are ensured and governmental power is limited”.
Chinese democratic party originates from June 25th, 1998, when the Chinese political oppositions including Youcai Wang, DonghaiWang and Hui Lin requested at the Bureau of Civil Affairs of Zhejiang province for the registration and establishment of Chinese Democratic Party. Also, they announced “The Declaration Of Establishment Of Zhejiang Province Preparatory Committee of Chinese Democratic Party” among the medias.  
The Chinese Democratic Party implements the direct electoral system in the party, where the committees and directors are elected by using “from bottom to top” electoral method and the institution of term of office is implemented.  
中国民主党美国总部是国内民主党组织的延续,并成为国内民主党入狱党员的后援。在近几年,中国民主党美国总部在世界许多国家建立了分部,在美国民主运动活 动中均有民主党美国总部直接参与和支持。党内党员在民主运动实践中,真正通过学习和亲身体验,促使个人的民主思想和理念得到巨大改变,绝大部分党员干部成 为专制制度的掘墓人。
The Chinese Democratic Party’s headquarter in USA is the descendant of the one in China mainland and is as the support or proponent for those party members who have been put into jail in mainland. During these year, we, as the headquarter in USA, have established many branches over the world and positively participated and supported the democratic movements in USA. During the practices, party members learn the notion of democracy, and their thoughts have been changed greatly. Most party members are playing the role as the undertaker of dictatorial system.   
“中国民主党美国总部”前身来源于刘东星先生组建“中国民主党美东地区总部”。随着民主运动形势发展的需要,2006年8月13日, “中国民主党第一次代表大会”在美国纽约法拉盛喜来登饭店隆重召开,来自中国各省市自治区的111名代表出席了会议,会议通过了中国民主党的章程及党纲和 若干重要的决议。会议还按党章规定以无记名投票方式选举产生党的中央领导机构。会议同时决定在"中国民主党美东地区总部"基础上重新组建并定名为“中国民 主党美国总部”。
The Chinese Democratic Party headquarter in USA is grown from The Chinese Democratic Party’s headquarter in east USA, established by Mr. Xing dong Liu. At August 13th, 2006, the first congress of Chinese Democratic Party was held in XiLaiDeng restaurant in Flushing, New York. 111 representatives from various autonomous regions presented at the congress. The constitution, principal and some important decision were passed through during the congress. Also, the party’s central leading organ was elected through the method of anonymous vote, based on the party’s rules. The congress also decided that the body was restructured and renamed as “The Chinese Democratic party headquarter in USA, based on the headquarter in east USA.  

2006年8月14日,“中国民主党美国总部” 在美国纽约登记注册,。
On August 14th, 2006, The Chinese democratic party headquarter in USA was registered at New York.

The structure of The Chinese Democratic Party Headquarter In USA:

Chairman: Dongxing Liu

Vice Chairman: Donghe Chen

Chief Supervisor: Mingzhe Xuan

中国民主党中央常委:刘洪成 巩凤玲 刘培福 郑国唐 陈振扬  杨秀蕊
Standing Committee of the Central Committee: Hongcheng Liu, Fengling Gong, Peifu Liu, Guotang Zheng, Zhenyang Chen, Xiurui Yang

Our tenet: Terminate the one-party dictatorial system, Establish the democratic system.

The Twelve rules of The Chinese Democratic Party’s political principle:

1.Return politics into the Constitution, finish one party politics of Chinese Communist Party
2.Open suppression of party, return the people’s freedom of associating.
3.Relieve the newspaper restriction, guaranty the people's opinion to be open.
4.Return property to people, the private property does not have to encroach.

5.Government must be elected by people, all levels of officials elected by citizen straight
6.Judicatures independence, power and money stop intervening judicature
7.The Army owned by country, the military does not have to involve politics
8.Reform the land; return the farmer privately to till the fields.
9.Cancels the household register; the citizen status is all equal.
10.Compulsory education, elementary and middle school students completely free charges.
11.The social welfare, everybody treat impartially.
12.National autonomy, respect freedom of religious belief




中国民主党六大普世价值理念:民主、自由、平等、 博爱、 人权、公正。


中国民主党党歌采用 “团结就是力量”。
2. Party flag, the party emblem, the party song of The China Democracy Party

China Democracy Party's party flag uses red and blue color, and white Enneagon Star design. Enneagon Star represents the Nine States. 12 Red and Blue strips represent Democratic Party’s 12 political outlines.

The six big worldwide value ideas of China Democracy Party:

Democracy, freedom, equality, universal love, human rights, fair.   

The Party’s emblem of The China Democracy Party is the square shape of party flag.  

The Party’s song of The China Democracy Party uses “the unity is the strength”.

今天的中国除了一小部分依仗共产党特权作威作福的贪官奸商之外,大部分没有权势的普通百姓都挣扎在失去基本生活保障的贫困在线,无权的中国人民被中共剥夺 了做为一名普通公民的基本人权。人民没有言论自由、结社自由、信仰自由、更没有选择政府和社会制度的权利,没有集会自由,没有迁徙自由,人民除了被迫的服 从共产党政府的欺压之外,人民也失去了基本的生活条件。百姓没钱上学,百姓没钱看病,农民失去土地,工人失去工作,百姓失去房屋,人民被迫从事危险的工 作。人民饮用污染的水,人民呼吸恶浊的空气,人民求救无助,人民申冤无门,人民已经到了走投无路入地无门的悲惨状况下。更可恶的是共产党控制着一切宣传工 具和千方百计地愚化人民的思想。致使中国绝大多数老百姓不知道自己的权利被剥夺的真相。还把欺压迫害自己的共产党当作救星和带路人。当有人一旦觉醒对共产 党统治人民的合法性提出质疑时,共产党就把异议者关进监狱或送上刑场。
Nowadays, most of Chinese rank and files without political power are struggling against the poverty, and they are deprived of the rights a normal citizen, when a small group of corrupt officials, dependant on the Communist Party’s power, tyrannize people. People are living without the rights to speak freely, associate freely and believe religion freely. What is worse is that they have no rights of electing and choosing the favorite government and social system. They also have no freedom of assembly and moving. They have no choice but to tolerate the bully by Chinese Communist Party when leading a poor life, not able to afford the cost for seeing a doctor. And their lands are confiscated. The workers are out of work; people lost their houses, and are forced to do dangerous works. They drink polluted water, breath the polluted air, without helps from the government and without the chance to sue. They are living in a helpless, tough and frustrating condition. What make people disgusted is that the communist party controls all the propaganda ways and brainwashes the people’s mind, which leads to that most of Chinese people are unclear about the truth that their rights have been deprived. The government also misleads the victims to let them understand that the savior or helper is the communist party. Whenever the people are aware of the truth of being deprived of rights and question about the dominance by communist party, it will send the questioners or opponents to the jail or sentence them to death penalty.       
Recently, thirteen hundred million Chinese people are still being persecuted by the Communist Party. They are speechless not because of unwillingness, but too afraid to say under the cruel dominance by Chinese Communist Party.
中国民运已经有几十年的历史,民运一直在走下坡路,这是一个不容再予回避的痛苦事实,中国民运代表着中国十三亿人民的根本利益,它具有无可质疑的正义性和 正当性。但至今还没有一个坚强有力的民运组织。如果说在大陆受到中共的打压,破坏和逼迫而不能,那么在中共控制影响相对较弱的海外,则完全可以建立起一支 坚强有力的民运组织。中国民运在美国这样一块自由的土地上,在有数百万中国侨民生息活动的环境中,至今没有对中共产生影响,这促使每一位参与中国民主运动 者都应当深刻检讨:为什么民运没有得到广大人民群众的衷心拥护?为什么民运组织一直裹足不前?实现民主中国,是所有民运人士的共同目标和志向。实现民主的 方法或道路可以多种多样,不管是走“贵族民运、 沙龙民运和清谈民运 ”或者其它运动的任何方式,其关键是要得到人民群众的支持,特别是要得到草根民众的支持。脱离了人民群众的支持,侈谈民运发展无异于缘木求鱼! 
Chinese Democratic movement has been a few decades and is going downhill. This is a miserable truth which should not be ignored. Chinese Democratic movement represents the fundamental interests of the Chinese thirteen-hundred-million people and it is of unquestionably justice. However, there is no any powerful organization which engages in civil rights movement. Given the cruel environment in China mainland, it is unfeasible to organize a strong and powerful team for civil rights movement. But it is absolutely feasible in foreign country, where the control by communist party is relatively weak. In America, a land full of freedom, where there are so many Chinese live, the civil rights movement has not shocked the Chinese Communist party by far. We should think over that why the civil rights movements are not supported broadly and the process is stuck. The democracy in Chinese is the ultimate objective of all the civil rights movement’s advocates. The approaches vary. No matter what the methods is, like “nobility movement”, “salon movement” or “light movement”, the key to succeed is to get the support from the public, especially from the rank and files. It is nonsense to talk about or develop the civil rights movement without the support from people.   
 由于历史的原因,中国的民主运动一般都是在海外最早接触西方文明的知识分子发起的。这些早期的民运精英分子,基本不接受草根民众的参与。他们根本不了解 当前中国民运的实际情况和人民的基本诉求,他们把中国的民主运动基本上脱变成为“沙龙民运”、“贵族民运”和“清谈民运”的形式。他们主要活动方式是围绕 在开讨论会,研究会和进行学术辩论。民运的最通常的表现形式是写文章和发声明。民运除逞口舌之争以外再也没有其它活动方式所替代。 这种运动方式基本走上“秀才造反,十年不成”的老路。
Due to the history, the movement is generally launched by scholars who were firstly influenced by the foreign cultures. They didn’t accept the participation of the normal people and did not understand the truth and condition about the Chinese civil rights movement and the requests from the people at the time. And they developed the movement in the form of “salon movement”, “nobility movement” and “light movement”. The movement was launched by mostly the discussion, seminar and debate. The most common appearances of the movements are essay-writing, announcement, without any other forms. Such forms of movement are doomed certainly.
当前,民运的基本理念和根本诉求应该是非常简单明了:就是让每一个平民百姓可以充分参与,从根本上壮大民运的基础,民运是广大人民群众的民运。中国民主党 员就是肩负此一历史使命。为了加速中国民主进程,我们必须牢记以前民主运动失败教训,积极宣传和扩大组织力量,争取尽快建立一支真正强大的中国民主党组 织,只有民主的力量强大了,独裁中共的灭亡日子也就来临了。

中国民主党员虽然是一批平民百姓,但是我们渴望自由渴望民主的愿望最直接、最强烈,因为我们已经清醒,已经复苏;我们是中国十三亿受害者中感触最深的人。 因为我们享有了民主给予人民带来的幸福和安逸,也饱受到在中共独裁统治下的痛苦和磨难,为了后代不再重复我们的过去和痛苦,只有奋起推翻和结束独裁专制, 中国才会有黎明,百姓才会有安康,我们中国民主党美国总部全体党员干部会继续坚定不意地追求下去直至民主事业成功。
Now, it is clear to know about the basic tenets and the people’s requests, that is, to let people involved in so as to reinforce the movement. People’s power is greatest. We, the Chinese Democratic Party, is dedicated to get this job done. We are to accelerate the process of democracy in China, positively propaganda us, escalate the power of the group, establish the real overwhelming Chinese democratic party, knowing the lessons from the previous failure. We bury the Chinese Communist Party when we are strong.
Chinese Democrats are a group of rank and files, but have the strongest desire for the democracy, since we have been awake and revived. We know the victims’ condition best, because we are showering under the democracy, enjoying the delight given by democracy; also however, we suffer from the cruel control by the communist party. In order not to let our offspring repeat the pain and failure in the past, we must fight against the communist party. We, the Chinese Democratic Party, will keep going until democracy blossoms.  
We truly thank those foreign friends who are supporting and helping the Chinese democracy.
God bless you all, bless China. Thanks God!

Chairman of Chinese Democratic Party

In June, 2008 in New York Headquarters  

中国民主党地址:133-24  41Rd  Flushing Ny 11355

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